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efau Verlag, Dresden 2017
ISBN 978-3-947103-3
574 S

Editors: Schönenbach/Arndt

This is the photo documentation of enquete art, a long-term investigation into the societal impacts of the financial capitalism – which we regard as a master technique for population management.

Enquete art aims to cross-fertilize artistic with scientific imaginativeness in order to invent efficient tools to target the corrupting cycles created by the economic system. this book is advice for readers asking: how can we go on? there are three things that everyone can do: rebel, resist, refuse.

Use partisan tactics. snipe at the system that spirals into evil. frack the fatal forces of the capitalocene. it is not impossible. it is the art of necessity.

Actions, interventions, shows and exhibitions covered in this volume: Nanobots 2004 Demons 2005 Armpods 2005 Embedded art 2009 EPKOT experimental prototype killers of tomorrow 2012 Po.W.E.R poseidon welfare enhancement and rescue service 2014 Boom, Bubble & Blast 2015 SUPRAMARKT 2015 Cancer Stage of Capitalism 2017

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