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Irene Publishing. Ed, Schweden/Berlin 2015
ISBN 978-91-88061-06-5

Editors: Wee/Schönenbach/Arndt

This book attempts to be a „platform for change“, offering theoretical and practical ways to fuse creative thinking, humour and reflection into a citizen politics of contemporary resistance.

The aim is to encourage individuals to take action to change the structural violence of financial capitalism, by understanding, demystifying and thereby overcoming it.

I. the Nature of our Anger – on organising constructive resistance
II. the Cancer Stage – how sick is our social defense system?
III. In the Belly of the Beast – mapping the damage
IV. Thoughtcrimes – unthinking the financial system
V. Toolbox – how to fix it yourself
VI. Reclaim Change

contributors: Noam Chomsky, Isabelle Stengers & Philippe Pignarre, Jason W. Moore, Andreas Karitzis, Steve Wright, Pierre Guillet de Monthoux, Heidrun Friese, Jørgen Johansen, Stefan & Ralph Heidenreich, Sam Gindin, Martin McKee and others

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